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A-Sub-Regional judicial monthly reference news paper

The News Paper

Since its creation in 2008, the news paper ”LE DROIT” has been offering a very topical view of African judicial news. With an in-depth analysis of the socio- political atmosphere, the processing of information by law and judicial expert, “LE DROIT” gives new impetus to the new editorial line on the values of justice, equity, good governance, which contributes to a good business environment. “LE DROIT” base her communication policy on the interviews granted political figures and heads of enterprises but also on business reporting.

The Readers

The major readers of “LE DROIT” include

  • Political and economical leaders (stakeholders)
  • Company directors and senior managers
  • Bank managers
  • Representatives of international organizations and NGO
  • Senior personals of the public administration
  • Educated people and students of various universities.

They see the news paper “LE DROIT” as an invaluable source of judicial information and comment state of law which favours a climate of business and investment.

“LE DROIT” news paper is a veritable tool for business, a tool for the promotion of development actors of the continent. The target audience or readers in Cameroon is over 5000.We have averagely 1500 people visiting our website weekly.

The Market

  • With its 20 million inhabitants, Cameroon stands tall in the sub-region as a country with an advanced democracy.
  • The peace that reigns in Cameroon favours investment.
  • The economic policy of Cameroon is an indicator to push the country to an emerging nation by 2035.
  • The re-election of President Paul BIYA opens an era of greater realization with a call for foreign investors.
  • The country is endowed with many natural resources which are still to be exploited: timber, mine, gas, etc.
  • The market is yet to be taken up by many foreign investors. We have decided to put all these potential values which offer a new vision of Cameroon and Africa.

The Distribution

“LE DROIT” is sold on news stands throughout the country. It is distributed at the civil cabinet of the presidency of the Republic, the National Assembly, in ministries, in public and parapublic enterprises, international organs in Cameroon, lawyer cabinets, notaries, and chambers of justice, universities and our subscribers.

“LE DROIT” equally has a free distribution policy. In association with radio, television stations, renowned hotels, travel agencies, our newspaper benefits from a particular promotion in each of its publications.

The Brand

“LE DROIT” is a monthly judicial newspaper in the sub region of reference. Its annual editions are consecrated on different topical issues in regard to the local laws and realities as pioneers in the treatment of judicial informations. Our brand represents an asset for political leaders and heads of enterprises to communicate. A win-win partnership with our partners. We allow them acquire an influence and communicate more.

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