Human Rights at the center of political parties’ meeting in Yaoundé

Human Rights at the center of political parties’ meeting in Yaoundé


Representatives of political parties in Cameroon met in Yaoundé from 14 to 16 June 2011 to sharpen their skills and knowledge on issues related to human rights and elections.  In relation to promoting human rights during democratic processes, the three-day workshop sought to reinforce the capacities of leaders of political parties in the promotion and protection of human rights before, during and after the elections. Emphasis was laid on the principle of non-discrimination in relation to the political participation of women and generally marginalized groups such as women, persons with disabilities and indigenous populations, but also on the integration by the political parties of human rights promotion in their activities.

Human Rights and Elections

What role for political parties?

“Elections in and of themselves do not constitute democracy. They are not an end but a set-up, albeit an important and often essential one, on the path towards the democratization of societies and the realization of the right to take part in the governance of one’s country as enunciated in major international human rights instruments. It would be unfortunate to confuse the end with the means and to forget that democracy implies far more than the mere act of periodically casting a vote, but covers the entire process of participation by citizens in the political life of their country”

Report of the UN Secretary General A/46/609 and Corr.1 para. 76 (1991)


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