US Senate confirms Sotomayor


US Senate confirms Sotomayor as first Latina Supreme Court Justice

Sonia Sotomayor overcame the last obstacle to becoming the first Latina on the US Supreme Court when the Senate confirmed her appointment   last 06 august 2009. The senators voted 68 to 31 in favor, with only the Democrat Edward Kennedy, who is ill, missing. Democrats were joined by some Republicans to vote her in. All votes again were Republican. Barack Obama said he was ?deeply gratified ?over Sotomayor's confirmation and described it as an ?historic moment? Sotomayor, who sworn last 08 august 2009 will begin work next month, is the first Democratic nominee to the court in 15 years but her occupation of a place on the bench will not by itself redress  the court's right-wing bias. The last Democratic nomination was Stephen Breyer by Bill Clinton in 1994. Sotomayor becomes only the third woman on the Supreme Court's history. Sotomayor, aged 55, whose parents are from Puerto Rico, rose from relative poverty in New York's Bronx borough to become a judge. She is replacing Justice David Souter, who stood down early. Senator Mitch Mc Connell, the Republican minority leader, said her writings and speeches ?reflects a belief not just that impartiality is not possible but that it's not even worth the effort?.

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