Audit banch members in National Assembly

Finance and budget commission deepens management skills

By Elangwe Esino evaristus


This 6th exchange forum, gave the two control structures, room to ponder on the better ways of controlling public enterprises.

The audit bench of the Supreme Court and the finance commission of the National Assembly, meet twice a year to build the control and management capacities of members of parliament and sharpen their abilities for a good governance.

The present exchange and capacity building of MPs of this commission is the first the FRESH IMPERTUS to carry the Nation to an emerging economic by 2035.

So far, the audit bench control of the public account has been limited. In the workshop that preceded the question and answer session of the forum, the facilitators demonstrated that after the economic crisis and the privatization that followed, the private sector had to be stimulated. It is believed that private management is better than public enterprises. Hence public authorities can hand the management of some projects to the private sector, which has expertise on the given domain.

The workshop was divided into two parts. First, the competence of the audit bench to control public and parapublic enterprises, and the practical and limits of such control by the audit bench of the Supreme Court. The workshop was conducted by MM Fouda Amombo and Theumoube Philippe

On the judicial plan, according to the president of the audit bench, Marc Ateba Ombala,it is legal for the audit bench to control as stipulated in law no.2003/005 of 21 April 2003,on the functioning and organization of the audit of the supreme court. It states in its section 41(1) the bench has the competence to control and prop into the public account and the accounts of public and parapublic enterprises. Section 2 and 8 of the law of 21 April 2003 gives precise control and management by the audit bench of public enterprises.

The president of the audit bench and the president of the finance commission Hon Ayayi, agreed that the control of contemporary enterprises will pave the way of proper management across the broad.


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